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. toward frederick, county be washington county, allegheny county, and howard county as well and where we are looking to the west you will see more activity on the sky watch hd radar. take a look when we put things into motion, where he we had more sleet indicated by the purple and the pinks that you see. if this is going to be a possible problem for the central counties and north central counties as we move through the morning. as i said, we are not quite done with this, even though it has not been as bad early on where we have plain rain in the d.c. area as you see. baltimore city itself, not too bad. we have had light rain moving through the eastern shore as well, also not too bad at this hour. but is there more on the way? there's a lot more moisture that hasn't moved through here. a surface low that will be developing strength off the carolina coast as it moves out to sea, but before it does, it could bring us cooler air. you see the northerly flow. one thing that it has done is it's kept it to the high pressure to the north to the system to the south meaning it's further south. the
, armstrong. >> what is the feeling about the president in washington about what the president had to say on his speech. many wanted him to jump-start the economy and get it moving. was his speech enough to to make them happy? >> it's politics. but anyhow, the president said that they would cut capital gains taxes for small business owners. there's a possibility of extending the bush tax cuts which means, taxes on the average americans will not soar 20%, because there's no way you're going to create jobs and stimulate the economy by raising taxes. the president is going to baltimore i think today. >>yes. >> to speak at the republicans conference, something he has not done before. the president is making an effort. not everything the president says he is going to agree with. i think what is disheartening is that the president spoke about transparency and that the president spoke about the american people want to get back to the job. the president single handily removed healthcare out of the top, and made the job and the economy the top focus. the treasury secretary the next day set meeting
tight. that is leading many americans to ask when will we recover. washington has offered mixed signals on the matter. yesterday president obama announced a new proposal to help the middle-class. samantha hayes has more on the road to economic recovery in washington. >> reporter: new proposals coming a year after the major economic stimulus package starting going into effect. people are asking whether that has had any significant impact. up against the stubborn and sluggish economy. president barack obama makes a move for the middle-class. >> hopefully some of these steps will reestablish some of the security that has slipped away in the recent years. it proposes doubling the child tax credit for some middle-class families, limiting federal student loan payments, and encouraging saving for retirement. >> we need to reverse the overall erosion in middle-class security so when this economy does come back, working americans are free to pursue their dreams again. >> the president is also proposing a freeze on federal discretionary spending for three years with the exception of national sec
. in washington members the house and senate will meet next week to merge their versions of the healthcare reform legislation. you might recall louisiana senator mary lan drew got $300 million in medicaid funding for her state and ben nelson of nebraska pledged his vote when his state got medicaid expansion. other senators were watching and will want their deals this round. >> when you need 60 votes, and you only have 60 votes, every senator is a king. i would expect that in the counsel committee a lot more sweetheart deals will be handed out. >>> the deal would cost $900 billion in over 10 years. >>> at&t announced it will no longer sponsor the super golfer. the company logo appeared in the golf bag. gillette distanced itself from tiger shortly after rumors from of a marital affair surfaced last month. >>> coming up a lot of finger pointing after a man tries to blowup a plane on christmas day. our political insider joins in on who is to blame and what must >>> 6: on this new year's morning. i tell you what, not too many people are moving out and about this morning when you look at the skycam pho
in allegheny county, washington county until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with the winter weather advicery. everybody else at 10 as we move further points east, carroll, harford county, and montgomery county. it looks like the northern part of the state looks to see the best chance of snow. even to the western part of the state we could see snow as we move into tonight. hd radar indicates that we have a lot of snow out there. there's a lot of blue on our map. that indicates the cold air in place and then we're going to be talking about the low pressure center that is going to be moving in our direction. that low, that alberta clip certify going to bring us the snow. moving into the western counties as early as 8 or 9:00 tonight. about 11, midnight moves into the eastern counties and hangs around and doesn't get out of here real quick until tomorrow morning. then it eventually moves in and it begins to wayne in terms of its strength and then we're left with a couple of flurries for the afternoon. not a heavy snow expected but nevertheless, a nuisance snow, one that could create real problem
late. baltimore county, ta calvert, ad washington county schools are opening two hours late. whenever there's winter weather. tune in to fox 45 morning news. our morning ticker will have a complete list of all of the morning closings and traffic conditions. the ticker will update eppcally aneppcally.automatically. you can find more information at the >>> now let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig to find out how bad the snow is going to get and when it's going to stop. >> reporter: i heard joel d smith say it's a fluffy snow, and that is true. it's going to make easy to clean off the car. you will see the lighter shades of gray, especially toward the eastern shore. that is where the heaviest snow is right now. we will call it light to moderate snow and further points west lighter. a bit of a problem at some locations, and some the back road areas more so. generally speaking we're looking at a 1-2-inch snow fall. 2-3 inches in some spots. the winter storm warning shall be expiring soon for ga for gart county. the winter weather advisory is starting to dissipa
: and reminiscent for a new bipartisan tone in washington. president obama urged the parties to work together. democrats i want to remind you that we have the largest majority in decades and the people expect us to solve problems not run for the hills. if the republican leadership is going to insist that 60 votes in the senate are required to do any business at all in this town, the super majority, then the responsibility of the government is now yours as well. >> reporter: following the president' speech, bob mcdonald responded for the republicans with the focus on the deficit, saying the obama admnistration is spending too much. >>the amount of debt is spaced to double in 5 years and triple in 10. the federal debt is over $100,000 per household. this is simply unsustainable. >> reporter: the president's speech and mr. obama also talked about wanting to repeal that controversial policy in the millitary don't ask don't tell. in washington, i'm samantha hayes. >>outside of the official republican response, what has been the reaction to the president's speech in washington? >> reporter: it s
for us this morning. we got word of an accident at martin luther king boulevard, it's at washington boulevard, we will continue to keep you up-to-date on this one as soon as we get more information for you. as for the main lines, it's going to be incident free traveling through 895 through the harbor tunnel and also on 95 through the fort mchenry tunnel. note that there are a few cars there in the yellow. as we are starting to see a little bit of a slow down near the 395 exit. farther up on 95, traveling through baltimore county, right now we can show you what it looks like at whitemarsh boulevard. here it is, it's definitely a good crowd there, but it's the northbound and southbound lanes making the trek toward 695. on the beltway, once you finally do approach that at pulaski highway, it has been a calm ride there for us this morning. we can show you that it continues to be nice and quiet both the inner and outer loop lanes. it's the sheer volume that you have to deal with from 95 heading toward parkville and eventually toward the 83. it's definitely expensive having a growing fami
more from washington. >> reporter: one year ago, president barack obama laid out an aggressive agenda to tackle as many of the nation's big problems as quickly as possible. as he begins his second year in office, the white house is defending that approach amid crticism that the president hasn't handled the change he promised. >> this president has had to handle an extreme amount of challenges in a short amount of time. as he has said often, he could ignore some of these but not sure which the american public would want him to ignore. >> reporter: the unemployment going up to 10% despite an $887 billion stimulus passed last year. >> they passed legislation such as the stimulus package which has harmed the economy of the country and it's time we turn the page and sit down in a bipartisan fashion ask try to workout the problems that are more serious for the american people. >>> the admnistration maintains that the stimulus package has helped and he plans to focus on jobs something he is planning to bring up on the address. as well as the healthcare reform now in question after a republi
there toward frederick county and also toward allegheny county, washington county in between. there's a few snow showers as you can see, but it's not accumulating a whole lot today. if you're in the western counties or running into that direction, you may run into a little more activity because the up flow will bring showers to garrett county that could accumulate a little bit. this is what we're looking at as far as in terms of advisory, our winter weather advisory for the western part of allegheny county with the best chance of seeing any kind of accumulation and even there talking about an inch or two maybe in that part of the state. elsewhere, there's flurries moving around, we could make for slippery roads. the temperatures are chilly. 29 for salisbury and 29 in hagerstown. 16 in oakland and with winds at 10-15 miles per hour as we sit between the low pressure to the northeast and high pressure to the northwest, we get the temperatures that feel more like they're in the teens this morning, and this morning like they're in the upper 20s and low 30s instead of the mid-30s we should reach
as garrett county to the west of it and to the east of it in washington county as well. the rest of us we still get something out of this and it could be a sleet and snow mixture that accumulates about an inch or two inches as you go further points west toward frederick county and 2-4 inches to the west before it's all done. today we start with 32 degrees, and winds are calm, 53% relative humidity and the temperatures are if the low 20s and 33 in baltimore, 34 in salisbury and 26 up in hagerstown. these temperatures will only climb to about normal for this time of year getting to 41 degrees for the high in the eastern shore with a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind. the central part of the state should climb to the same 41 degrees, clouds coming in earlier since they're coming from the south and west and an east and northeast wind at 5-10 miles per hour. back to the west, temperatures chillier, 37 degrees mostly cloudy skies, you may see a little bit of rain starting in the western part of the state. 31 degrees and he we pick up an inch of sleet-snow mixture tonight and over night and adding more to
assistance to haiti including millitary and desaster relief. in washington i'm samantha hayes. >>> coming up, think twice about how you travel on your next trip. what you will be paying extra for the next time you fly. >>> i'm asking for a second chance. i hope i get it. >> mark mcgwire admits to using steroids. breakfasts. i got breakfastses here. real cheap. don't settle for a knockoff breakfast. save money with a dunkin' donuts egg and cheese sandwich for just 99 cents. try it with egg whites today. because it's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'. i like this one. in a national taste test, more hardworking americans preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts over starbucks. try the coffee that won... this one. ...and see why america really does run on dunkin'. thank you. >>> a disappointing earning report from alcoa dragged down the markets. the dow fell almost 37 points while the nasdaq and s&p 500 lost for the trading day. more bad news for those out of work, competition is steep. november job figures show only one job available for every 6 potential workers. employers are st
degrees in hagerstown and 16 degrees in washington, pretty much the lucky number across the board. the national temperatures, we're not the only ones who are dealing with the arctic air mass. look at this, negative 7 in minneapolis, that is not the windchill temperature. that is the actual temperature this morning. negative 14 in omaha and 15 in chicago. this cold canadian air mass is coming down and hitting most of the united states and is zig alg down to new orleans 29 degrees and dallas 23 degrees. will you have to go far south to find warm air today. the radar we're waking up to a couple of flurries out there and light snow showers. we will see lake flurries in the region and it's stemming from the lake-effect snow showers, the strong wind, and the cold wind over the lake region. it's making its way over the mountains and toward the d.c. baltimore region for today. we have had the area of high pressure and low pressure, and the contrast has allowed for strong gusty winds for our region. around 3:00 a.m. for tomorrow morning we will deal with partly cloudy skies. we will stay d
were just published in a new book. shaght samantha hayesamantha han washington. >> reporter: the comments made by harry reed were just published. the new book gain change, quoted him saying that barack obama would do well in the election of his light skin color, and no negro die lets. the chairman says reed should resign. >> whether he steps down today, or i retire him in november, either way he won't be the leader. >>> president obama as far as i know the book is closed. >> senator reed apologized for comments that were insensitive. they were comments made in the -- >> top republicans say democrats have a double standard pointing to the controversy with senator trent lott who lost his majority leader post in 2002 after praising strum thurman. >> when democrats get caught saying racist things an apology is enough. if that had been mitch mcconnell saying that about an african-american candidate of president for the united states, this chairman and the d and c would be increasing for his head very much like they were with trent lott. >> democrats disagree with that and say th
hayes has a preview from washington. >> reporter: when president barack obama stands before congress on wednesday night to deliver his first state of the union address expect to hear a lot about job creation and fiscal responsibility, healthcare reform will take a back seat. >> i think the key in this speech, what he will discuss more than anything is getting our economy moving again. >> reporter: president obama is expected to announce a proposal to save $250 billion by freezing non-security federal discretionary spending. he is also expected to announce a freeze on salaries of top white house officials and admnistration appointees, but for the white house a new message on fiscal responsibility will take some convincing for critics. >> it's going to take much more than just this kind of modest freeze to get us back on the right track. >> reporter: the obama admnistration must convince critics within the democratic party who are concerned about potential cuts to federal programs. >> it's not like every single agency is frozen. this is not a hatchet, it's a scalpel. we will be inves
, 21 degrees in baltimore, 28 in washington d.c., and 28 in salisbury. out in oakland, 29 degrees and not much of a wind today either. we're not feeling much of a windchill. 45 degrees for the high temperature in the eastern shore. we're looking forward to a nice day for everybody, because in the central part of the state, not too different. 44 degrees for the high, a southwest wind at 5 miles per hour. points westward, typically cooler, 42 degrees, not bad there either, with a sunshine. tonight 28 degrees with a south wind at 5 miles per hour. clouds will be on the increase and as we move through the day, look for the temperatures to climb from the 28 starting out to 40 by noon. we will get to the high of 44 around 1-2:00 p.m. as we see more clouds filter in but mostly staying clear through the day. tomorrow 48 degrees, partly cloudy, nice one then, 41 on saturday, in comes the light snow early and again at the end of the day. in between, lots of rain with a high of 40. 44 monday, and 43 wednesday with partly cloudy skies. fox sky watch weather is at your finger tips. iradar is a
of power in washington. >> reporter: massachusetts voters elect a successor to the late senator ted ken he de, a ka republican will fill the seat that was filled bit member of the kennedy family for more than 50 years. >> tonight the independent voice of mass has has spoken. >> reporter: it was attorney general martha coakley's race to lose a courting to political experts. the outcome uncertain and her lead dwindling in the weeks leading up to the election. >> if you do not run, you cannot win and you don't always win all of the time but you put in your best efforts because sometimes it's more important to travel hopefully than t to arrive. >> reporter: riding a wave of resentment for high unemployment, and political differences on healthcare, state senator, scott brown was able to close the gap in the bluest of states. >> from boston to springfield to cape cod, the voters this commonwealth defied the odds. >> reporter: the nation this race from the west coast to the white house because a cokley win maintains the democrats super majority in the senate all but securing healthcare reform
is about more than just the healthcare bill. it's about the lack of civility in washington, the fact that there's no conversation. a lot of things are being done behind closed doors and it's inappropriate. we can do better. >> know the people are angry at the wall street exits and the greed that caused this crisis and people are angry at the poll seize opolicies of the past. >> reporter: initially polls showed martha coakley with in the lead but polls yesterday showed her tied with scott brown, the rest of the polls show scott ahead by at least 5 points. a state has not elected a republican to the senate since 1972. way lot on the line, president obama made a last minute t.v. ad, while they launched automated phone calls to those who supported the democratic party in '08, no doubt a lot at stake for their agenda. >>> the baltimore county council is rethinking how it deals with pensions. councilmembers are considering two new plans today. both reform the current system that allows the member to receive their full salary for life after serving 20 years. 1 proposal would have kept paym
. they are proposing legislation that would make, same sex states in other states meaningless. washington d.c. will start performing same sex unions in march. >> what these other states have done is given same sex couples the opportunity to come in through our backdoor and i'm closing that backdoor. >> delegate burns introduced the bill last week. lawmakers have rejected similar proposals in the past. >>> new numbers released by the state highway admnistration reveal thousands of drivers have been caught by speed cameras since the state started enforcing the legislation. in a 6-week period starting in november, nearly 8800 motorists got tickets foregoing 12 miles or moreover the posted speed limit. the camera snapped speeders on interstate 95, between whitemarsh and 895. near the charles street, of the beltway and near i95 on prince george's county. >>> still ahead, the award season is here. >>> and the golden globe goes to. >> who won best actor, best actress and best picture that is coming up. >>> it's a holiday, so you would think the volume is lighter. we are checking and that's the it'
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